Can you join us?

Well, what do you expect of yourself?

Do you love rowing? Do you need to compete? Do you have fun under great pressure? Are you eager for hard work? Do you dare to test yourself in a public arena? Are you willing to take great risks?
Are you willing to learn, to strive, to struggle, to fail, to persevere and to triumph? Can you measure up to what rowing for the Yale lightweight crew demands?

If the answer is yes, you can join the long Blue line.

Rowing for the lightweight crew at Yale is a unique endeavor, and an exhilarating challenge. The men who row for Yale make it so. All of them are part of a story that began in 1842. A story written by men who found in a sport a demanding measure for their own courage and ability. The Yale lightweight oarsmen who have gone before you have answered those hard questions. Rowing for the Yale lightweights is not easy, and we like it that way. Those who pass the test are rewarded with an experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere. Read what the legendary Yale coach Edwin Leader had to say about rowing.

You can be part of this quest if you are committed to rowing, to Yale Lightweight Crew, and to your teammates. You can be part of this quest if you show guts, and grit, and good humor.

Come to Yale

The problem with these web pages is that they are either laundry lists or empty rhetoric. To describe the Yale experience through a computer is like a friend describing a painting; it’s just better to see it in person yourself.

Come visit us. Though there are certain NCAA restrictions on visits, we want you to visit us when school is in session. Go to seminars, lectures, classes, football games, Masters Teas, plays, museums, soccer games, galleries, speeches, hockey games, dining halls, labs, libraries, coffee shops, bookstores, Cutler’s, and even the Doodle. Best of all, come to practice! Come to Derby and watch us train. Go to Payne Whitney Gym for an erg or tank or weight lifting session. It’s all up to you.

But whatever you choose to do, the most important choice is to VISIT!

Thank you for stopping by and browsing our site. Below is a short form that our coaching staff will use to contact you if you are considering Yale for your college career. Please fill it out completely and we will forward it to the coaches. Thanks for your interest in Yale and the Yale Lightweight Crew.

Please fill out our recruiting form, which can be found by clicking here.